Adjacent Possible 2 Collaboration with Andrew Hunter

Here’s a short video of our Interactive Environment constructed at the San Diego Space 4 Art.  We built a structured “natural” environment out of over a hundred long wood poles from trees felled around my property and filled in the space with mulch to add an aromatic element to the installation.  The composition of the space was such that a playing field of sorts was created in the center of the room.  One by one, visitors into the space were encouraged to move around and use their arms to control the digital projections on the wall in front of them.  An edited video of branches would then have its colors, vibrancy, and speed affected by the motions and sounds of the viewer. Here you can really see how sound affects the projection.

Art that Connects and Heals the Soul

In this video, ArtPulse.TV producer, Phoebe Chongchua, takes us inside the workshop of artist Rebecca Goodman to see her at work turning furniture into art. Her pieces come to life and invite the world to interact with them. She shares her raw emotions and reveals how creating art is healing her life while connecting to others. From the workshop to her performances, Rebecca intertwines devotion and courage in her art.

The Performance, 2011

A short documentary by Phoebe Chongchua for following my process around my first museum show at Oceanside Museum of Art’s “Art After Dark” event.

The Divine Pulse Ceremony, 2011

Immersive and participatory, uplifting and powerful, revelrous and fun, the Divine Pulse Ceremony is a celebration of our community, our evolving culture, our unified voices and this precious planet we call home.
Magical portals, representing the elements of the land, are the entrance ways to the Infinite Pulse sculpture. As each participant walks through the portals, they are immersed in light, sound and a specific activity like the lighting of incense, the building of a rock sculpture, or the cleansing of spirit through sage and fire. By the time the tribe has circled around Infinite Pulse, a mood has been set, the energies have been tuned together and the anticipation is building.
And now… Gathered around a fifteen foot high stainless steel sculpture illuminated with LED lights and pulsing in hypnotizing patterns, three hundred plus revelers are guided by six white and feather adorned human creatures on a journey of participatory singing, chanting and movement… once again blurring the line between audience and performer, creating an undulating pulse of melody and music that crescendos into hundreds of voices singing in unison “All-Us-Love” – arms raised to the sky, energies illuminated with love and laughter…
It is a moving cosmic carnival of the present moment. It draws upon no other culture, religion or spiritual practice but that which is our own. It is a deep journey of connectedness while still being uplifting and fun. It is wholly participatory and a contagious revelry of song and movement. It is reverent without taking it too seriously. It is theatrical while being accessable. It is ritualistic while being grounded and real. And… it culminates in love, dancing and open-hearted free-expression.
This is us today. This is our tribe. This is our voice….
Infinite Pulse Sculpture designed and built by Rebecca Goodman ( with glass work by Christina Bullard. Lights by iGloLEDset.
Music by David Bergeaud and Lesa Renfey Bergeaud with Jeremy Weinglass.
Choreography by Kyle Shinners and Jessica Plancich.
Video and Pictures by Craig Kiwi Brayton, Yuba Foxfire, and

Infinite Pulse and Divine Pulse Ceremony from Rebecca Goodman on Vimeo.

Transformation, 2010

Installation and Performance piece with Live sound scape created by Richard Learmont, Additional Music by Au, Performance by Sofiah Thom, Video shot by John Vitale

Crinoline at Synergy Fundraiser, 2010

“Crinoline” comes to life in an improvised performance by Rebecca Goodman and Heather Keely at the 2010 Synergy Art Foundation Fundraiser.

Synergy Art Foundation Fundraiser at Ian Ashley’s “House of the Future”, 2010

Created for Unifier’s 2010 show “The Quest for the Persian Princess,” the Siren costumes create the illusion of floating in the midst of fire.