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Taking Out the Walls in the barn to make one big studio space.

Taking Out the Walls in the barn to make one big studio space.


With so much happening this past month here at the Emerald Village and in my personal life, I am amazed at the progress we are making on the new studio.  While my original expectation was to be completed with this build-out by July 1st, I am coming to realize that these kinds of things often take longer than expected.  The walls, windows, doors, electric, and paint will be done by my deadline, but there are other crucial elements that are still in the works.  It feels really important to have well built and lockable storage and an outside area where we can drag out noisy and messy equipment like chop saws and grinders and work outside.  In the next few weeks I’m hoping to get a 15 foot x 20 foot concrete pad poured in front of where our big barn doors will be.  Then we are going to use the old steel panels from the Portal (the piece I created with Gary Stadler- he got new lighter panels cut out of aluminum) to create a beautiful and functional awning to give shade from the summer sun.  We are also still needing to build some covered storage.  It seems like a lot and this whole project reminds me of my early days of building furniture.  I would conceive, draw, cut, measure, glue and build a detailed, sculptural piece of furniture and look at it all assembled and think “Ooh! I’m almost done!” – only to realize, 5 hours into sanding that I had just passed the halfway point! All the sanding and painting and finishing and final little details were where the REAL time was spent.  So this is a learning process, and with it comes all the little bumps that make one really appreciate the final product.  I have to admit, it doesn’t quite seem real yet, but I think it will once the doors are on and the walls are painted… it’s so close now!

We're almost ready to paint!

We’re almost ready to paint!

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