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I lit a candle as we set our intentions for the next three months of Master Minding.

I lit a candle as we set our intentions for the next three months of Master Minding.

Part of the career of an artist in to be involved in a culture of circles. Formal and informal critiques, design charettes, and panel discussions abound in the art world. On the West Coast, where I’ve lived now for over a decade, there is another culture of circles for women. Sister’s circles, Goddess Gatherings, Moon Lodges- all designed to create time and space to bring women together, to talk, share, heal, and support each other through life’s peaks and valleys. I love both these kinds of circles for the opportunities they provide for honest and clear reflection, and for how inspiring they can be. In these gatherings honesty is key. When experiences are shared, a portal is opened into greater understanding and sensitivity. In arts circles the quest for truly getting the intended meaning, feeling, or emotion across is the common goal. The greatest challenge here is to set your ego aside for a moment and separate your identity from that thing you’ve created so that you can objectively receive another perspective. It’s no easy feat! I’m surprised there aren’t more Kleenex boxes at crits considering how many tears I’ve seen shed over the years! But ultimately, these are safe spaces for feedback and to show one’s heart and soul. Putting myself, my ego, my heart, my ideas, my craft on the line, time after time, for so many years, has been such a beautiful part of my growth as an artist and as a woman.

In the spirit of circles intended for growth, a little over three months ago two female friends and I began a Mastermind Group. The three of us are entrepreneurs in different fields. One woman has a successful clothing company creating beautiful, comfortable, and sexy clothes for women. The other is a therapist who has her fingers in a lot of other pots, including an organic seed business and a new company focused on nature based, embodied, education. What we have in common is a drive to be supremely successful in our ventures while balancing our physical, spiritual, and emotional lives in a truly integrous way. To this end, we meet by phone for an hour each week. In our meeting we follow a “BDG” format – Brag, Desire, Gratitude- describing what we are proud of, what desires or goals we have for the next week or more, and what we are grateful for in our lives. Sometimes we hold space for each other if we are moving through difficulty, other times we share information or resources from our diverse backgrounds including books, professional references, and courses. We recently renewed our commitment to the circle for another three months- fine tuning the function of the circle and creating goals to carry us through the fall. I am so grateful for what this weekly check-in has brought to my life in the way of accountability, sisterhood, and resources. Even though getting on that call can sometimes be the hardest part of my week, I always hang up the phone feeling supported and focused.

What circles are supporting your life and dreams? I’d love to hear about them!

Perhaps the phenomenon of “Women’s Gifting Circles” has made it’s way into your reality? Having been invited to join several of these groups over the past year, I want to share that this is NOT the kind of circle I am talking about in this post. Check out this link if you are thinking about taking that path. It’s always smart to do the research before making a financial decision.


  1. hi Rebecca …. love it! been thinking, dreaming, feeling, imagining, etc. a small group like this for a very long time, with equivalent love & value … also incorporating get-to-“gathers” with hands on creative-ness {show & tell, so to speak}.
    still want to work with you on a gate for the front of “grow bungalow” in so. Oceanside. much love, suzette

    • YAY! Thanks Suzette. My studio is FINALLY finished. I am in the process of moving in now and would love to discuss gates with you. I’ll be in touch!

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