Artist Statement

I am often inspired by the dream state- full of metamorphosis and dual meaning- the perceived dangers we experience there, and the way the subconscious uses this space to exorcise the shadow aspects of our psyche. Drawing on this place, teeming with complexities and logical abstractions, archetypes and absurdity, I create performance, installations, sculpture, costumes, and functional art that reflect the more mysterious elements of our existence and my own search for meaning and truth. By creating work designed for interaction, with multiple layers that are revealed through direct experience, I invite the viewer to become a user, to investigate the piece physically and actively, learning about it and from it over time, and dissecting the meanings hidden within.

The objects and experiences I design feel fierce yet fragile; they meld the conceptual multiplicities of ritual with tangible, worldly, sensuality. Weaving together object and action, morphing the roles of the audience and the actor, I create space for transformation.  My work is like an alchemist’s lab: meanings mutate with time, interaction catalyzes physical and conceptual shifts, and spectators are transformed into performers.