Interactive Objects

Challenging the notion of functionality in objects, these works take on a variety of forms.  Costume pieces are like sculptures brought to life when worn on the body.  Studio furniture or functional art serves a practical purpose while being expressive.  Many of these objects are pieces created as a part of larger performance or installation shown here as stand alone work.  Ultimately, all of these pieces gain and reveal meaning when being used.

Performative Installation

Bringing together many genres, these narrative or ritualistic productions begin with the creation of objects often inspired by archetypal forms.  The play of performers with these pieces weaves together layers of meaning and often reveals hidden aspects of the sculptures. Sometimes the work is created as a sculptural space which the viewer is invited to enter and interact with, creating a play of their own.

Public Art

These large-scale sculptures are designed for both playful and meditative interaction.  Iconic forms crafted in steel and brought to life with light or other elements, these pieces serve as focal points in any environment.

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